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Our book review page where we review books about Italian heritage and Columbus.

Welcome to the website of the New York State Commission for Social Justice (CSJ), Order Sons of Italy in America (OSIA).  The NYS CSJ is focused on combating defamation of Italians, Italian Americans and other groups.  Our two primary goals are:

  •    To fight bias, bigotry, and defamation of Italians and Italian Americans as well as other groups.
  •    To promote a positive image of Italians and Americans of Italian descent through our programs, our positive image materials such as posters, pamphlets, bookcovers, bookmarks, etc., and our first video-documentary entitled “Italian American Recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor,” a TELLY Award Winner.

    Our website contains information pertaining to the NYS CSJ work in fighting bias, and bigotry and in promoting a positive image of Italian Americans.  We invite you to take advantage of the programs within and encourage your participation, comments and suggestions. 

    Remember - if you are a member of OSIA, you are a member of the CSJ!

    The 2024 John Dabbene Italian Heritage Essay Contest

    The 2024 John Dabbene Italian Heritage Essay Contest application form can be downloaded by clicking HERE.
    A winner will be chosen from each district throughout the State from each grade category.

  • Setting the Record Straight About Columbus by Rev. Andrew Corrozza, State Chaplain for the Grand Lodge of New York, Order Sons of Italy

    Columbus Day Podcast from DePaul University featuring Louis Gallo Interview

    Columbus, Fact vs Fiction A must read article by OSIA

    A new Two Page Color Brochure telling the truth and real facts about Columbus

    Three letters written June 17 2020 regarding the ongoing Christopher Columbus battle:

        Letter to the Mayor of Philadelphia regarding removal of Columbus statue
        Letter to the Mayor of West Orange regarding teaching the truths and real facts about Columbus
        Letter to the New York State Attorney General regarding making damaging or vandalizing a Columbus statue a hate crime

    Mother Cabrini bookmarks

    Garibaldi Meucci Museum