Italian Ancestors

If you have an ancestor that was an Italian citizen, you may be eligible to obtain your Italian citizenship while still retaining your United States citizenship. Obtaining dual US-Italian citizenship is a way to cement a bond with your family's past and establish a permanent connection to your illustrious ancestrial homeland.

The Order Sons of Italy in America's New York State Grand Lodge Principal Trustee, Luigi Squillante, has compiled a detailed document, Italian Citizenship Through Ancestors (jure sanguinis) , that explains the procedure for obtaining dual citizenship. Mr. Squillante has also made presentations to OSIA lodges on the topic of obtaining dual Italian citizenship and he has made the following presentation material available to viewers of the NYS CSJ site: Italian Citizenship Presentation.

Depending on Luigi Squillante's schedule and time constraints he may be available to make a presentation on obtaining dual US-Italian citizenship to your lodge. Please contact the New York State Commission for Social Justice Chairman, Louis Gallo,, for details.

The Italian government has fostered ties between the descendents of the Italian Diaspora and Italy. Likewise many Italian-Americans have developed strong attachments to their Italian culture, traditions, food, music and to the Italian people themselves.

Under the Italian citizenship law, citizenship can be passed on from one generation to the next. It is called citizenship by blood (jus sanguinis). Being considered a citizen by blood means that no pledge of allegiance is required to claim your right to Italian citizenship.

Once dual US-Italian citizenship is obtained, one can then obtain an Italian passport. These two documents can confer a number of potential benefits to US citizens:

Ease of travel – Access to all EU countries without visa requirements - Visa free access to 172 countries and territories - Ability to choose the passport to travel under based upon which one may be more politically favorable in a particular place and time.

Italian citizenship benefits – The right to vote in Italian elections - Participation in the Italian health care system and Italian social security - Ease of stock, bond and real estate purchases - Simplification of business transactions - Tuition benefits.
Italian Ancestors

Italian Ancestors

Before one elects to obtain dual citizenship it is important to consider that there may be some negative aspects associated with obtaining a second citizenship. Some of these considerations include possible increased security scrutiny by US officials (terrorists have been known to possess dual citizenships), incurring obligations to the Italian government (particularly if military service again becomes compulsory) and loss of protection from the US embassy when traveling under an Italian passport.
From the Italian Tribune: Italian Passport